English Tea Pot

English Tea Pot I am sure that most of us are familiar with tea pots. Probably you have tried brewing teas on your antique tea pots or precious tea pots, and most of those have their own designs. However, when we talk about the English tea pot, we usually question the difference or the distinction …

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The English Tea Menu

The English Tea Menu I am sure that almost all of us already encountered the term “menu” and we commonly heard it from many restaurants, bars, etc. As we all know the menu is basically the list of options for a diner to select. So for that matter, I am sure that certain understanding is …

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The English Tea Store

The English Tea Store As teas, after its introduction as a kind of beverage, continue to become widespread and become one of the favored beverages of most people, many English tea stores are established in most part of the British Isles. It is not in fact amazing that England has massive English tea stores today. …

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