The English Tea Menu

The English Tea Menu

I am sure that almost all of us already encountered the term “menu” and we commonly heard it from many restaurants, bars, etc. As we all know the menu is basically the list of options for a diner to select. So for that matter, I am sure that certain understanding is already in you for the term “English tea menu”.

As the title implies, the English tea menu is basically consists of some options for the tea drinkers to choose. It is not therefore surprising that the English tea menu is usually found in most tea houses or tea rooms where the tea drinkers are there to enjoy the pleasure that the English tea can give.

The English tea menu generally varies from the availability of some teas and meals. Usually there is English tea houses that offer the English tea menu depending on the meals planned for the day. The English tea menu, just like many other related meal plans, is generally set into an orderly manner. And the English tea menu has its own titles for the meals and an affixed prices for certain set of English tea order.

For example, an English tea menu in particular may contain a specified type of an English tea like the Traditional Country Tea and along with that type there are accompanied choices of meals like the choice of three sandwiches. The English tea menu also contain some choices of the English scone that are usually served in different manners like the English scone that is serves with Devonshire cream and fruit preserves. Other English tea menus consist of choices like old fashioned English tea cookies, Silks tea cake, or ice Coupe Du Jour.

The English tea menu in line with some of its categories may also contain some subcategories. One of the examples of the English tea menu that contain subcategories to certain categories or meals is the presence of the choice of five tea sandwiches. Under this category in an English tea menu, the poached shrimp on white bread with lemon mayonnaise and dill, cucumber with herb cream cheese on wheat bread, roast beef on rye with horseradish cream and cornichons, etc is present. Along with those selection of the meals in an English tea menu is the corresponding prices for the meals offered in an English tea menu.

Since the English tea menu is for some tea parties and other gatherings that involved the presence of the English tea, it is usual that the English tea menu basically contain some selections for different types of an English tea. The commonly offered type of English tea that is found in an English tea menu is the afternoon tea, heavenly tea, cupid’s tea, and much more.

Lastly, the English tea menu is so typical that the English tea menu contains some considerations or warnings for the tea drinkers or consumers. Some common indications for the consumers are set in an English tea menu for more enjoyable, quite, and leisurely tea ceremonies.

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