English Tea Room: A Blissful Nirvana

English Tea Room: A Blissful Nirvana

The introduction of tea in England becomes so popular that many English tea rooms were established for the tea drinkers and the emergence of so many English tea rooms even became part of the English tradition. However, in the early days, the tradition of English tea rooms declined in popularity since the World War but it is still noted that there are certain English tea rooms in small village communities.

For the masses knowledge, the English tea room is actually a class of café which is majority found in England, but the English tea rooms are also evident in the United Kingdom. Traditionally, the English tea room usually offers the conventional fare of cream tea which is often served in a china set, and gummy cream and jam on scones. In England, the Lyons Corner Houses were the recognized chain of the English tea rooms.

It is also important to consider that the English tea room somewhat shares some characteristics of a bar and a restaurant. But the English tea rooms does not provide alcoholic beverages, and most of the English tea rooms only offered teas and coffee and perhaps hot chocolate. Other menus found in an English tea room include baked goods, soups and sandwiches, other casual meals, and light desserts that suit their main caffeine diet.

To mention, the BJ Gardner’s English Tea Room is one of the acclaimed English tea rooms in Britain. In Gardner’s English Tea Room the menu is said to be well planned and prepared. In this particular English tea room, accordingly, there is a good variety of English teas which are mostly black English teas, and some decaffeinated, and the Gardner’s English Tea Room is one of the English tea rooms that offer luncheon teas. Many people acknowledged and appreciate the BJ Gardner’s English Tea Room for good reasons. The Gardner’s English Tea Room, being a successful English tea room, is said to have offered a good service to the customers. This English tea room is well decorated with cute tables that are covered with floral print tablecloths. And accordingly, this English tea room has tables that are already set with mismatching tea cups that all respective element of charm.

Of course we all know that there are some English tea rooms that provide the best services and have a wonderful atmosphere, and BJ Gardner’s English Tea Room is just one of those popular English tea rooms. For attaining a sort of blissful nirvana, may be I should try dining at an English tea room someday.

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