What Is An Avatar Gallery?

What Is An Avatar Gallery?

When a computer user enters into the world of virtual reality, he/she has the power to select a three-dimensional image or figure, or any object that can be depicted visually and which sometimes may personify him/her in the sphere of appearances, that is, it will be the user’s avatar.

The word avatar or avatar gallery is often used by many websites that provides avatars for the web users to specifically put their avatar collections in a more organized form. Avatar gallery is a word that is commonly heard but is seldom understood.

So, what then is an avatar gallery? What is its basic function?

The word “gallery” in particular just like any other word has so many definitions. A gallery can be referred as an element in architecture which is defined as a long hallway flanked with walls or rows of columns. A gallery can also be referred as a short term for Art gallery. But out of these thousands of definitions, a gallery or an avatar gallery in this article’s sense is basically something that organizes things particularly with avatars. An avatar gallery can be an open-source suitcase that grants users of the avatar gallery to create and manage any avatar gallery on their respective websites. In other words, an avatar gallery is simply a showcase or a showroom for avatars.

In relation to this, an avatar gallery is like a photo gallery that lets the users manage their own photos with their own websites. It is important that a user has a website in order to install the avatar gallery and use it for any purpose. With an avatar gallery, a user can easily and readily create and maintain sets of avatars as much as he/she wishes. An avatar gallery usually contains distinct features such as automatic thumbnail creation, image resizing, rotation, ordering, captioning, searching, and a lot more.

In addition, an avatar gallery can also have read, write and caption permissions for each individual user for the purpose of additional privacy. Avatar gallery is really cool because the user has the freedom to give accounts to their friends and family and let them upload and manipulate their own avatars on the user’s website.

To further state simply what an avatar gallery is, it is important to note that it is just a simple collection of avatars. As a user, you have the power to create as many galleries as you wish on your web server, and each avatar gallery could contain your chosen avatars as many as you want.

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What Is An Avatar Gallery?