The Secret Of A Great Drink!

The Secret Of A Great Drink!

What do you do when you’re down with flu on a cold rainy night? Or you just need a break from your clutter of work? What do you reach for every morning on the breakfast table?

Drinking a cup of beverage, be it coffee, hot chocolate or simply a cup of hot milk, is just one of those things that you do as part of your daily routine.

However, we usually do not realize what it is that helps make this moment a good one. It is of course, none other than that favorite mug that each of us definitely own. As we are creatures of habits, we tend to use the same mug every single time we have our drinks, till the mug sees its first crack sign or till it’s broken.

But sometimes, we do get bored of using the same mug repeatedly, forcing us to make our way into that store to find another one to help us to begin our day. Most of us would like to find a funky one to replace our old mug, but the choices available seems to be those dainty floral patterns or colored mugs, or those “World’s greatest dad!” or “My friends visited New York and all I got was this lousy mug!” types of mugs. Living in such a cliché world, how on earth are we going to find a mug that is creative or unique enough to go with our coffee every morning?

What if I told you that you are now able to create a mug personalized according to your liking? May it be a simple phrase from the bible, some cute cartoons, a picture of your sports fan, loved ones, or even you! The search is over! Technology these days are so frighteningly advanced that you can create these mugs in a blink of an eye. The quality of the imprinted photos does not fade with every rinse and wash. Trust me, these photo mugs still retain their vibrant image exactly like the day you got it although it has been coated with enormous amount of saliva and soap over the years.

What is so amazing about these personalized photo mugs is that they are more functional and better utilized than the average-normal-over-the-counter picture frames. These cute and innovative mugs do not only serve as decorations but also they do not accumulate dust and needs regular cleaning. Unlike photo imprinted T-shirts, they do not fade or get wrinkled. It also does not make you feel bad whenever you throw a T-shirt with your best friend on it into a washing machine and watched it being spun and squished dry. These mugs are the perfect gift for any occasion, be it birthdays, weddings or just a token to celebrate the greatest of friendships. The most important aspect of a gift is not measured by the price value (as much as it is wrongly assumed in this materialistic world) but rather how personal it is to a person. I believe that by transforming a normal looking mug into a personalized one complete with pictures that captures a moment in time which means a lot to them, forever embedded in a mug. That is pretty much as personal as you can get.

My dad and I used to love to share a great cup of coffee brewed to perfection before we start the day. That short but meaningful moment is the true essence of our relationship. Now that I’m out of town, I miss him as much as he misses me. So, I decided to take a picture which is of him and me when I was around four years old, fishing together, and make it into an 11oz photo coffee mug. This way, whenever he drinks his favorite cup of beverage, he’ll be seeing me and thinking of me and vice versa. Isn’t it always better to share that special experience with someone? When we are alone, the smiling picture of your son will put you into a much better mood and draws out the cold lonely feeling of drinking a cup of hot chocolate on an empty piece of table.

So why wait any longer, get your own photo mug today at your nearest store. It is guaranteed to make that cup of coffee, hot chocolate or fresh milk taste much better than any you have tasted before.

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