How Bottle Wine Coolers Can Improve Your Drinking Experience

How Bottle Wine Coolers Can Improve Your Drinking Experience

Did you know that they way you store your wine affects its taste at least as much as the way it’s made? Wine that’s exposed to light, temperature changes, fluctuations in humidity, and excessive vibration can easily go bad, lose its taste, or suffer other unpleasant effects. This is why people have traditionally kept wine in cellars and other cool, dark places where it won’t be disturbed. Unfortunately, most of us have neither the time nor the money for a wine cellar. Today’s modern replacement comes in a huge assortment of styles, types and a vast array of manufacturers.

Danby Wine Coolers

The Danby company makes a range of quality coolers for wine storage. No matter what size your wine collection may be, there’s a Danby cooler model that will fit your needs. All coolers are stylish and modern in appearance, so they won’t clash with your décor. If you’re serious about wine, you need to add a Danby wine cooler to your home.

Insulated Wine Coolers

Danby and other brands of well-made wine coolers are insulated. That means that heat can’t get in to spoil the delicate flavors of your wine. Wine should be kept around fifty-five degrees Fahrenheit for the best quality. That’s about the same temperature that’s always present far underground, explaining why wine cellars have been subterranean. Now, insulated wine coolers provide a way to simulate those conditions.

Small Bottle Wine Coolers

Not everyone has the space for a large piece of furniture just to store wine, or enough wine to fill it! That’s where smaller wine coolers come in. With capacities around thirty bottles, these wine coolers are appropriate for the home without much space, or without a lot of wine.

Countertop Wine Coolers

For the user with even less space, countertop models are available. They offer the same quality wine storage in smaller units. Countertop wine coolers usually hold between six and twenty bottles of wine. They only take up a few cubic feet of space in your kitchen, dining room, or entertainment room, and provide great wine that’s been stored properly, whenever you might want it.

Built In Wine Coolers

Of course, for the person who’s really serious about wine, there are built in wine cooler models. These range from a twenty-seven bottle wine cellar, to an executive model, which provides a controlled environment for up to a hundred and sixty six bottles of fine wine. When you really want to take care of your wine, and have a large collection, these fine pieces of furniture are a must.