Sanibel Island Photos

Sanibel Island Photos

Sanibel is a barrier island that lies a few miles off the western coast of Florida, 150 miles northwest of Miami. This place is well-known as one of the perfect vacation destinations in the world perhaps for the fact that Sanibel Island offers the magnificent beauty of unspoiled, white sand beaches that are littered with the best shelling on earth, dazzling sunsets, exquisite dining and great accommodations. Also, Sanibel Island is the home of the largest wildlife refuge which is reputed for its large flocks of migratory birds, adding to the natural beauty of Sanibel.

Because of its natural wealth and beauty, Sanibel Island has been a favorite subject of most photographers. Many artists and photographers were encouraged to draw, paint or take some Sanibel Island photos for their every visit, and with so much to offer, most people prefer an even demand some Sanibel Island photos than actual stories.

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Terra Galleria Photography is maintained by Quang-Tuan Luong who owns the exclusive copyright to all Sanibel Island photos and text appearing on the site. Here you can find a number of Sanibel Island photos, particularly those that feature the Sanibel beaches covered by seashells. Other Sanibel Island photos maintained by this site show the magnificent sunsets and sunrises of Sanibel Island, as well as the different species of migratory birds. It is just important to note, however, that all of the images contained in this site are registered with the US Copyright office, and no images are within the public domain. So before you take any of their Sanibel Island photos, be sure to read the guidelines outlined in this site as any use of images outside the guidelines is deemed as copyright infringement.

You can find other great Sanibel Island photos right at All of the photos contained in their gallery are taken and provided by David Meardon, a professional photographer who has recorded wildlife, scenics, and nature in Southwest Florida with his camera and his creative eye. He is actually the photography editor for the Sanibel-Captiva Islander newspaper, and it was there where his work was recognized for excellence in photojournalism by the Florida Press Association. Just see the Sanibel Island photos taken by Meardon himself right at this site. is another great site to visit for wonderful Sanibel Island photos. Here, you will find the Sanibel-Captive Island Photo Gallery, which features a collection of great island pictures that may remind you of the good life on Sanibel and Captiva. Note that currently has more than a thousand photographs of Sanibel and Captiva Island, so it’s no wonder that their gallery will include a sampling of those pictures, as well as some images that aren’t anywhere else on the site. fetaures selected Captiva and Sanibel Island photos that are only available for purchase as fine-art color prints suitable for framing.