Oregon – A Wonderful State

Oregon – A Wonderful State

If you want to see the most fascinating scenery, visit Oregon. This place is full of unique and exciting places to visit, and great outdoor opportunities. It has a beautiful seacoast, impressive mountain vistas, lush greenery, inland waterways and even deserts and prairies.

The whole Pacific Coastline is public land and offers hiking, scuba diving, surfing, fishing, cycling activities, historic lighthouses, breathtaking viewpoints and stunning state parks.

It stretches 362 miles from Astoria to the Columbia River to Brookings near the California border, is also a breathtaking feature of the state. The coast also includes sites such as the Oregon Coast Aquarium, National Scenic Area and lighthouses. Seaside is the closest major coastal city in Oregon to Portland. With three miles of sandy beach and two miles of manicured, ocean front boardwalk, it is also a popular destination for tourists and travelers. Seaside is a national landmark with rich historical past. The end of the Lewis and Clark trail is commemorated with a statue. Cannon coastline is also a very scenic place of the area.

The Cascade Range is the interior range of the Pacific Northwestern United States. It stretches over 700 miles across Northern California, Oregon, Washington, and Southern British Columbia, running parallel to the Pacific, about 100-150 miles inland. The Oregon Cascades region is legendary for its recreational opportunities. The region is home to seven different national forests and is best known for Oregon’s highest mountain, Mount Hood, and the nearby recreation area, the Columbia River Gorge.

The historic Columbia River Highway is a good way to view the nice vistas and waterfalls. It has several wilderness areas and national forests. Crater Lake National Park has the deepest lake in the United States and the seventh-deepest in the world. Crater Lake is a stunning and special natural treasure, evolved more than 7,700 years ago. It has unbelievably blue water, according to Scientists, the water is completely clear to a depth of 123 feet and part of its blueness is a reflection of the sky. Rim Drive encircles Crater Lake and there are some spectacular view points on the 33 mile long road. The Oregon Cascades region is also known for the highest mountain in Oregon: Mount Hood. The area is very rainy, that’s why Oregon has magnificent natural beauty and fresh, rain-scented air. The summers are quite warm, but never muggy. In wintertime there are many skiing and snowboarding activities available.

Portland, the “City of Roses”, known for its world famous parks and vivid nightlife. The city adopted the rose as a symbol of its renewal and growth. Every year they celebrate the Portland Rose Festival. The city is Oregon’s cultural center with large collections of museums, galleries and art centers. This special city and Salem, the capital city of Oregon – is located half way between Portland and Eugene – are both memorable places of the state.

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