Don’t Give That Hurried Impression With Personalized Mugs As Gifts

Don’t Give That Hurried Impression With Personalized Mugs As Gifts

With a busy schedule and last minute shopping, don’t get caught flat-footed with buying gifts that spell HURRIED SHOPPING. If you have no choice but to get those personalized mugs, then add a dash of creativity. Put sachets of ready-to-mix coffee or packets of sweets inside the mugs, you will be forgiven for those last minute buys.

No Time to Shop When There’s Still Time

Busy executives or busy moms are always caught in the rush hours of last minute gift buying. The only reason is lack of time. There is work to do to beat the deadline for the executive and for the moms, there’s a lot of house cleaning and cooking before the big day comes. They always reason out that there’s still Boxing Day before the holidays are over. They are thinking of personalized mugs to solve the problem and this can be fatal.

If you can’t imagine yourself squeezing your way through a crowd of shoppers, you have the convenience of online shopping right in your home. Your orders will be delivered in time just before the red letter day. In the meantime, while you are waiting for the orders to arrive, think of more things to go with the personalized mugs.

Tricks and Treats

If you’re caught in this jam and got no other choice, cook up ideas to go with the personalized mugs. A ticket to the games or a rock concert inside a sports-themed mug or a Rolling Stone mug can salve your conscience.

If this is not convenient at the time, plunk in some candies the recipients specially favor. If you are giving a mug to a friend who love to concoct brews, add print-outs of fruit juice recipes to spark his or her enthusiasm.

These mugs also make good pen holders, so jazz up the personalized mugs with assorted fun pencils. If you can find crazy mugs, go for it. They are good ice-breakers at the office. Or if you’re feeling more generous than usual, add an invite to a small dinner. These added perks will make those personalized mugs a treat to receive.

Here’s an even better idea. Inserted a key in the mug, signifying that there was more to the gift. So this would rather piqued the receiver’s attention who will followed it up. The follow up gift would come later – a spanking red cash box.

Other than personalized mugs, shop for other items that will complement the receiver’s personality. You can get those money clips, glassware, and coasters with different themes. A sports fan will thank you for the money clip with the NEP logo and the girl in the next cubicle will appreciate a pink business card holder.

Hurried But Well Thought Of

Draw up a list of the friends who will be receiving these mugs. You can’t be wrapping a set of mugs straight from the assembly line. Be sure that the mugs will go to the right recipients.

If the recipients are just around the corner, deliver them yourself during the weekends and share laughs over cups of coffee or bottles of beer. That’s what friends are for and the best time to renew friendships is during the holiday break.

No matter how hurried your shopping for personalized mugs, your friends will love you more for the special thought that went with your gifts.

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