Wine Tasting Kit is Creative Wine Gift

Wine Tasting Kit is Creative Wine Gift

Wine tours are so popular to wine enthusiasts mainly for the chance to taste a wide variety of wines. This accounts for the rise of wine tasting parties that are being given all over the place. To give the wine lover on your gift list this experience in the comfort of his own home, try giving a wine tasting kit as a gift.

Wine tasting kits are a fun way to help the novice wine enthusiast experience many different wines and to learn the qualities of each wine. Different wine tasting kits are found depending on what types of wine you want to taste. There are differences between red wine tasting kits and white wine tasting kits They come with all the wine bottles and accessories needed.

You can even get kits that are made for multiple tasters. These wine tasting kits come with as many as eight glasses so that the experience can be shared. This kit would be a great base to throwing a wine tasting party in your area.

Wine tasting is an art and much more complicated than simply drinking a glass of wine. You will incorporate the senses of sight and smell, along with your sense of taste. This is not an experience to be rushed. You must savor and linger over each sip.

To properly use the wine tasting kit, there are some basics that you should be aware of. First of all, the wine glass should be clear with a rim that is turned slightly inward. This will allow you to see the color and clarity of the wine. The special rim is designed to concentrate the aroma and bouquet of the wine and prevent it from spilling when it is swirled.

Holding the bowl of the wine glass can allow the heat of your hand to warm the wine so you should always hold the stem of the glass to experience the truest flavors. You would start with a small amount of wine, no more than about an inch in the bowl.

If you are tasting several wines during the evening, you will want to start with the lightest wines and work your way to the more complex wines. This will ensure that your taste buds remain sensitive to all the delicate nuances of each wine. Expert consensus is to have a sip of water between tastings to cleanse the palate, leaving a clean slate for the next wine.

I’m sure you’ve seen experts swirling their glasses by their noses and looking mysterious. There are good reasons for this behavior. When the wine is held up to the light you can see the color and clarity of the wine. White and red wines both have color variations as they age and clarity is also desirable.

The mysterious swirling of the wine is not just to make the experts look wise. By swirling the wine gently for a few seconds, the wine becomes aerated. This releases all the fullness of the wine’s bouquet. If a person has a sensitive enough nose, they will often be able to distinguish several of the individual elements of the wine.

Once you’ve done these first two steps, you can move on to the much anticipated tasting stage. Take a sip of the wine and swirl it around a bit in your mouth to warm it. Savor the multitude of flavors that explode on your tongue. If you plan on tasting several wines, it is perfectly acceptable wine tasting etiquette to spit the wine out instead of swallowing.

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