Wine Tasting Courses

Wine Tasting Courses

To learn how to taste wine like an expert there are wine tasting courses that can be taken. Wine tasting courses are offered both online as well as wine schools throughout the country. A wine tasting course can offer you a variety of aspect as there are several things involved in the art of wine tasting.

A wine tasting course can teach you wine and food pairing. How to know what wines go well with what foods. The course can teach you about wine reviews and ratings, how you are to go about ranking or rating a wine. A wine tasting course can offer an academic and certification program where one will learn the history of wine, the ability to learn and understand the components of wine.

There are several levels of a wine tasting course. The foundation program, the intermediate program certificate and the advanced program. The ultimate program is the Diploma Oenotropae, this is named after the granddaughter of the Greek God of wine, Dionysus. This diploma can take up to two years to earn. Wine tasting courses will teach you the language used in the description of the wines, which to the average person can seem strange as the descriptions are usually things that are not edible. Such as oak, pine, grass, even leather.

Another program in the wine tasting course is the art of reading and deciphering wine labels. Most wine labels have eight things listed. For example, 1. The wine maker or winery, 2. The region or country the grapes were grown, 3. The vintage or the year the grapes were harvested, 4. The variety or the kind of grapes the wine was made from. 5. The ripeness. 6. Bottling and winery information 7. Other required information. And 8. Optional information. All of this will be taught when taking a course in wine tasting.

The wine tasting course can either be for the person who just wants to learn more about the world of wines as well as the person who wants to be a professional. Those who are professional wine tasters are also called sommeliers. They are those who are highly trained and knowledgeable and generally work in fine restaurants working with the chefs to pair wines with food dishes.

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