Wine Crystal Glasses

Wine Crystal Glasses

A lot of wine experts say that wine must be served in the best wine crystal glasses to get its full advantage, although not necessarily, there are a few fundamental principles to keep in mind when choosing wine crystal glasses that will help one get the best from their favorite bottle.

It is however true, that the smell, appearance, and even the taste of the wine is enhanced through using the proper wine crystal glass. The oldest wine glass with a stem and foot that are fifteenth century enamel glass holds more than four ounces of liquid. Near the end of the sixteenth century in Germany, wine glasses were sophistically etched as “decoration”. France introduced fine wine crystal glasses at the end of the eighteenth century.

Wine crystal glasses were frequently manufactured in sets of dozen during the nineteenth century, each set for burgundy and claret, port and sherry, liqueur glasses, and champagne glasses. In the 1950’s, Reidel Crystal and some other manufacturers advanced the design of wine crystal glasses with unique shape and sizes for nearly all wine variant.

Some things to remember when choosing wine crystal glasses, always put in mind to first select a plain crystal glass to set off your best wines, avoid colored or even those wine crystal glasses that have tinted bases or stems. One of the most essential things to consider when choosing a wine crystal glass is the way aromas are captured within the wine glass. Glasses with a wide bowl that narrow toward the mouth will allow more room for swirling and the narrow mouth channels the aroma to the nostrils efficiently, unlike big glass openings that disperse aroma quite faster.

Red wines are usually served in bigger glasses than white wine because it needs more space to develop and breathe, but take note that a wine crystal glass can never be too big. Sparkling wines should be provided in thin glasses with straight side so that the bubble is preserved. Because of the quandary of budget restricted punters. An all-purpose wine glass was developed by the California Wine Institute. The wine glass is a five and a half-inch tall glass with one and three quarter-inch stem, with a tulip-shaped bowl that holds a capacity of up to eight ounces.

How to set wine glasses at dinner is also one consideration when serving different types of wine all through the course. Wine glasses should be positioned in the right order they are to be used and right to left. Starting with tall stemmed glass for white wines, followed by big wine glasses for red wine, and ending in short smaller glasses for sherry or port, may be a good idea.

Always remember that whatever type of wine served, the right wine crystal glass will enhance the features of the wine and will allow a more enjoyable wine drinking.

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