Wine Club Membership Gift

Wine Club Membership Gift

A wine gift that will truly have lasting impact is that of a wine club membership. A wine club sends one or more bottles of wine to the members monthly. This will depend on the club or which package you purchase. A wine club membership will often allow special discount pricing to their members and other perks of membership.

A distinctive wine club will offer the best wines that are available to wine club members, and club members will enjoy the best prices on those wines. A wine club generally buys their monthly selections direct from small wineries at lower prices than most retailers and consumers can negotiate. A wine club purchases wine in large quantities so that the winery can sell their wine to them at discounted prices. Because of the lower pricing, the wine club can then offer the member discounts on further purchases of the monthly selected wine

A wine club that only chooses wines from small boutique wineries will often offer the best wines. Wines made from small vineyards tend to be intensely flavored and very distinctive. The wines offered are usually of premium quality and not found in the local wine shops.

A wine club membership would be a perfect gift for the novice wine enthusiast. The monthly wines are chosen by experts so you know you aren’t going to get a bad wine. The budding wine lover will get the chance to try a wide variety of wines as they learn about wine and develop their own taste in wine.

Most wine clubs include newsletters that educate the members about the wineries, methods of production and history of their wines. Some even will include recipes or food items with their wine selection. These extra details will serve to enhance and add value to your wine club gift.

Experts at wine of the month clubs have strict guidelines for choosing the wines for the monthly club selection. They must taste the wine themselves to experience it firsthand and be sure the quality is what they want to represent their club. They also will do some research and see what other experts are saying and whether the wine has won any type of awards. Of course, price and availability will play a part in whether a certain wine will be selected or not.

If you are choosing a wine club membership as a gift for a discriminating wine connoisseur and your budget allows, you may want to opt for an international wine package. The wines available in these packages will be among the best vintages in the world from the finest wineries. Some packages even include gourmet foods that go with the wines perfectly.

A wine club membership of any sort will make a wonderful gift for almost anyone. Whether the novice who will get a chance to try new wines or the old hand who would like to experience fine wines from around the world, anyone would appreciate this thoughtful gift choice. Any gift giving occasion would be appropriate for a wine club gift membership especially Christmas, birthdays or anniversaries.

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