Who Is Jared Jewelry?

Who Is Jared Jewelry?

Jared Jewelry is a section of Sterling Jewelers, Inc., one of the country’s largest groups of jewelers. Jared has a gallery of jewelries featuring diamonds, colored gemstones, gold and silver and a collection of watches.

Gallery of Diamonds. Jared’s Gallery of Diamonds features three major diamond collections which are the Leo Diamonds, The Peerless Diamonds, and the Journey Diamonds. Prices of Jared’s diamonds range from 0 up to ,000 depending on the jewels’ quality.

A family-owned company that has been handcrafting diamonds for four generations, Leo Schachter supplies the Leo Diamonds. According to Jared Jewelers’ designers, the significance behind Journey Diamonds is the strength of love. They say that like wine, love grows stronger and deeper as time passes by. This collection is distinguished by the creative arrangement of multiple diamonds in a setting. On the other hand, The Peerless Diamond is the collection of diamonds with the most précise cut. A diamond’s cut is one crucial factor in assessing the quality and value of a certain diamond. Although cut is often misconstrued as shape, it is not. Shape only concerns the outside boundaries of a diamond while cut refers to how light goes through the diamond and how the diamond facets is able to reflect it to produce an attractive brilliance.

A diamond’s cut is just one factor in evaluating a diamond’s worth. There are three other categories in choosing diamonds. These categories describe the shape, features and quality of the diamond. They are known as the Four Cs which comprised — cut, color, clarity and carat. It is important to understand the differences between these categories because generally diamonds can look similarly the same. But based upon these characteristics, you’ll be able to know the real value of diamonds.

The first C would be Cut and has already been mentioned above. Color is the next. Although diamonds display beautiful and extraordinary colors, diamonds are usually rated on a scale of being colorless to yellow. Colorless diamonds are the most expensive followed by yellow diamonds. So, how can you tell a diamond’s color? This is very easy — a diamond always comes with a letter in accordance to the color scale. Colorless diamonds would bear the letter D, E, and F. Letters G, Hi, I, and J mean that the diamond is near colorless. Faint yellow diamonds will have K, L, and M letters insignias, the letters N, O, P, Q, R is given to very light yellow diamonds and light yellow diamonds are marked with S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, and Z. The next important C is Clarity. Clarity refers to how little or how much inclusions the diamond has. Inclusions are inherent in diamonds. They are considered as diamonds’ birthmarks. Flawless diamonds are considered better. Last but not the least would be Carat. It is the weight of the diamond. The heavier the diamond is, the higher the carat will be.

Gallery of Silver and Gold. Jared’s collection of gold jewelries varies from pendants, earrings, necklaces, and other accessories. Two-tone ensembles are also included in this collection. Silver collections are made from sterling silver. Gold, silver and diamonds are also used in Jared’s watch collections.

Gallery of Gemstones. This is Jared’s collection of precious and semi-precious gems. Gemstones like amethysts, rubies, sapphires and citrines of varying hues are featured in this gallery.