Top Attractions in Bermuda

Top Attractions in Bermuda

An unforgettable experience in Bermuda is not just about lying on the beautiful white sand beaches of the island, or trying every thrilling water sport available, or shopping extravagantly in exquisite shops of the island, but it’s also about gaining a true appreciation of Bermuda’s rich culture and history. Despite the island’s being small, it definitely has a list of great attractions that would cater to every visitors tastes. So get out, explore and visit the historical and memorable places that the island has to offer.

Top attractions in Bermuda can be found in the islands Museums and historic buildings, studios and art galleries, park and nature reserves, and of course the stunning beaches. Whatever you want take home in memory, top attractions in Bermuda will absolutely let you.

Art galleries and studious are one of the top attractions in Bermuda. This small island packs a punch when it comes to the art scenes. Stimulated to a large extent by benefaction from international business and affluent individuals, there a great diversity of galleries around the island that includes Bermuda Art Centre, Bermuda Clayworks, Bermuda Memories –Jill’s Studios, Bermuda National Gallery, Carole Holding, Christopher Grimes, Desmond Fountain Gallery, Dockyard Glassworks, Kafu Hair and Gallery, Nicholas Lusher Fine Art, and Picturesque.

Museums and Historic buildings are also top attractions in Bermuda and have relatively short but significant history reflecting in the museums, historic buildings, and forts that are speckled around the island. Visitors should take a little time out from the beaches and take part in the islands history, heritage, and culture. Bermuda’s museums and historic buildings includes Bermuda Aquarium Museum and Zoo, Bermuda Cathedral, Bermuda Historical Society Museum, Bermuda Maritime Museum, Bermuda National Trust Museum, Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute, Cabinet Building, Camden, carter House, Cenotaph, City Hall and Arts Centre, Deliverance, Fort Hamilton, Fort St. Catherine, Gibbs Hill Lighthouse, Old rectory, Old state house, Petrot Post Office, Royal Naval Dockyard, St. Peter’s Church, Sessions House, Somerset Bridge, Tucker House Museum, Unfinished Church, Verdmont Museum, and Waterville.

Bermuda’s parks, gardens, and nature reserves are can’t be missed as top attractions in Bermuda with its varied flora and fauna, the place explodes with vibrant colors. The government and organizations such as Audubon Society and National Trust have worked hard to create open spaces where everybody can take pleasure in. Their commitment has resulted in various fantastic parks and nature reserves throughout the island. These includes Albuoy’s Point, Bermuda Botanical Garden, Blue Hole Park, Crystal caves, Dolphin Quest, Fort Hamilton, Paget Marsh Nature reserve, Palm Grove Gardens, Par-la-Ville Park, Railway Trail, Scaur Hill Fort and Park, Spittal Pond Nature Reserve, Victoria Park, and Warwick Pond.
The various magnificent Bermuda beaches are also top attractions in Bermuda and truly many of them tinged with subtle pink hue giving visitors numerous secluded coves and perfect spot getaways.