The Gift Of Drink: Using Mugs As Gifts

The Gift Of Drink: Using Mugs As Gifts

During the holidays, there is nothing better than sitting down in a warm home to watch the lovely tree glisten while holding a nice warm mug of your favorite drink. Mugs are a part of the holidays, whether we realize it or not. This holiday season, you can give interesting gifts to your family and friends using mugs. If you are looking for a small and unique gift to give someone this year, consider these fun and original ideas.

To begin, you will need to gather a mug for each individual you are giving to. You can choose mugs to suit their personality. If one person loves dogs, consider getting a dog mug, while if someone else loves sports, you can get a mug with their favorite team on the front. After gathering all of the mugs, gather your favorite warm drink recipes. If you don’t have any, then you will have to do a little research to find some that sound yummy. You can even test to make sure they are delicious by making them yourself before using them.

After locating all of the recipes you want to use type or write them on holiday paper and make one for each of the mugs. You should keep the paper pretty small, as it will be tied onto the mug. Using the recipes, gather everything the recipient will need for the treat. Use small sandwich bags and fill them with the exact amounts of each ingredient needed for the treat. Use them for dry ingredients like cinnamon, sugar, and spices only. If the recipe calls for liquid, like coffee, consider putting grounds or an individual packet into the mug. Milk and water can be used from their own refrigerator.

Tie each bag with a lovely little ribbon and place it into the mug. After you have everything you need for the drink in the mug, add a few sticks of cinnamon for accent. Then poke a small hole into the top of the recipe paper and loop a ribbon through it. Tie the ribbon onto the mug’s handle. Although they will not be following the directions exactly, since you have included measured out portions, they will still have the recipe so they can make more if they desire. Make sure you include instructions about how to mix what you have already included in the gift as well, so they will know what to do. Finally, wrap the gift with tissue paper or cellophane wrap to complete the present.

These are fun gifts to give and receive. Those who get these will think the uniqueness is wonderful and will be excited about making their delicious treat. If you are giving one to someone in a family however, make sure you make one for each person in the family so they can enjoy them together. Using mugs for gifts is a great way to create something personal and interesting without spending a lot of money. These mugs are perfect for teachers, friends, and neighbors.