Tea: What Makes Quality White Persian Melon Tea?

Tea: What Makes Quality White Persian Melon Tea?

In today’s tea market, the product gaining popularity the most rapidly is white tea. Though white tea has been around for centuries, it is fairly new to the Western world for two reasons.

The first is that it is the rarest of all teas; just a little is grown each year. Secondly, in Asian cultures white tea was traditionally reserved for only the highest tea ceremonies; it was not considered an everyday beverage.

Today, however, we’re discovering the delicious taste and significant health benefits of white tea and we’re clamoring for more. One of the most delicious and sought after blends of white tea is White Persian Melon Tea, a flavorful blend of white tea with melon.

White tea comes from the same plant as black and green teas, but it is processed in a different manner, which gives it a different taste. White tea is harvested much earlier than other teas, before the leaves are fully open.

At this point in the growing process, the tea buds are still covered by fine white hair, hence the name white tea.

In addition, white tea is not fermented like black tea. The lack of fermentation keeps tea’s natural anti-oxidants in place and helps create the delicate flavor that makes white tea so unique. White tea’s anti-oxidants have been shown to help reduce the signs of aging and prevent serious illnesses like cancer and heart disease by fighting the free radicals in our bodies.

White Persian Melon Tea Requires Precise Harvesting and Processing

White Persian melon tea must be infused with melon nectar after the tea leaves are steamed or fired.

To make the best quality of White Persian Melon Tea, several things must happen precisely.

First, the white tea leaves must be picked at the proper time. Only the completely unopened and undamaged buds, and in some cases, the top two leaves, must be picked. The tea harvester must ensure that the buds are not damaged during plucking, as this can cause fermentation to begin, which would compromise the flavor of the tea.

The best white tea buds are harvested in March and April and only when the weather is just right. There must be no rain on the day of harvest. There should have been no frost on the previous night, and the morning’s dew must be dry. If careful attention is not paid to these details of tea harvesting, the quality of the White Persian Melon tea will be compromised.

Next, the leaves must be dried and steamed appropriately. Often, the drying and steaming will take place right in the fields.

The tea gardener must be skilled at steaming the leaves for exactly the right amount of time to make the best tea.

Next, the tea must be infused with the melon nectar to create White Persian Melon Tea. It is critical that the tea artisan use only the finest quality melon nectar for infusing the tea, and that he knows precisely how long the infusion should take. This ensures that the flavor of the tea is the perfect balance between the white tea flavor and the flavor of melon.

Using the highest quality melon nectar is important to protect the flavor of the tea, but it’s also important for protecting the health benefits of the tea. Melons are a wonderful source of anti-oxidants, so White Persian Melon tea is one of the healthiest you can find, if high quality melon nectar is used along with properly harvested and processed white tea.

Melon contains an anti-oxidant known as GliSODin. This anti-oxidant neutralizes free radicals in the body just like the anti-oxidants in the white tea. However, GliSODin is special because it has been shown to stimulate our bodies to produce their own anti-oxidants. In studies, GliSODin alone has been shown to protect against oxidative damage and protect our cell.

This powerful anti-oxidant in combination with the many important anti-oxidants found in white tea make it a powerhouse. However, if inferior quality melon is used in White Persian Melon Tea, the anti-oxidant potency will be compromised.

Skilled Tea Artisans

What separates the best White Persian Melon tea from one that is of lesser quality is the skill, expertise and caring of the tea artisan.

• The best tea artisans only pluck the tenderest top part of the tea plant for white tea, and they do so only at exactly the right time.

• The best tea artisans pluck the tea leaves by hand, choosing only the ones that are ready and ensuring that the buds are not damaged during plucking.

• The best tea artisans precisely time the drying and steaming process of the white tea leaves.

• The best tea artisans use the finest quality melon nectar.

• The best tea artisans are precise in the timing of the melon nectar infusion.

• The best tea artisans tend their tea plants year round. They weed during the summer, fertilize and prune in the fall, and watch their young tea plants during the winter to ensure that they are protected from the cold weather.

White Persian Melon Tea is one of the finest you’ll find in terms of delicate and refreshing flavor and in terms of health benefits. Choose the finest White Persian Melon Tea from the best tea companies, and you’re certain to love this delicious blend.