Coffee Maker Style Guide

Coffee Maker Style Guide According to some statistics, 52 percent of Americans are coffee drinkers. This translates to more than 100 million people who drink coffee daily. Americans are a diverse population and far from unanimously agreeing on what makes a good cup of coffee. Fortunately, there are several different styles of coffee makers available

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Coffee Maker Types

Coffee Maker Types When we hear the term ‘coffee maker’ most of us think of only one type of coffee maker. Most often, the drip style coffee maker or the espresso type machine comes to mind, depending on where you live and your taste in coffee. Of course, the choices vary with the region in

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Coffee Maker Glossary

Coffee Maker Glossary Coffee has a language all its own. Here are a few of the frequently used coffee maker terms. Auto Frother: device that automatically froths milk for cappuccinos and lattes. Automatic Drip Coffee Maker: machine that automatically heats water and filters it through the coffee. Automatic Espresso Machine and Coffee Maker: an espresso

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