Relocation to Oregon: Real Estate Benefits of Forest Heights

Relocation to Oregon: Real Estate Benefits of Forest Heights

The Pacific Northwest — specifically Portland, Oregon — is renowned for pairing the convenience and luxury of urban life with the unmatched beauty of nearby parks and wilderness. Portland seems to be bursting with city parks, and Portland residents take great advantage of having a number of green areas right in their own backyards. The Forest Heights neighborhood of Portland is perhaps the best example of this combination; homeowners are treated to spacious and beautiful lots in the heart of a breathtaking natural setting. And the welcoming surroundings aren’t the only reason to consider relocating to Forest Heights. Top notch schools, clean streets and parks, and a bustling market center are just a few reasons why Forest Heights may be the perfect neighborhood for you.

It may be an old real estate axiom, but it still rings true; location, location, location. Nestled in the gorgeous, rolling West Hills of Portland, Forest Heights gives homeowners acres of pristine residential and forest areas to explore and enjoy. The neighborhood is conveniently located to the darling Northwest 23rd Street district, minutes from Downtown and a quick commute to the outlying Beaverton and Hillsboro areas. The natural beauty of the West Hills accents the diverse array of architectural types available to Forest Height homeowners. Unlike many cookie-cutter residential communities, Forest Height architects and designers make sure the mix of house styles is not only varied but aesthetically complimentary to the rest of the neighborhood. Classic Northwest-, Colonial- and Mediterranean-influenced houses mix to create as attractive a planned community as can be found in the Portland/Metro area.

Location may be important but it certainly isn’t everything. Luckily for homeowners, Forest Heights provides many opportunities for active residents to get involved in their community. Indeed, many Forest Height residents are responsible for helping maintain the charm and individuality of their own neighborhood. Apart from the beautiful parks, trails and old-fashioned streets, Forest Heights residents are also invited to participate in and attend special events as a way to build a greater sense of community and safety in the neighborhood.

Of course, a neighborhood is only as charming as its local merchants, and Forest Heights happens to have one of the most pleasant and convenient merchant centers in the area. The Forest Heights Village Center started in 2005 and boasts a broad spectrum of shops and services. Looking for a relaxing way to spend a Saturday afternoon? Treat yourself to a few hours of massage and beautification at DentSpa before checking out the fine hand-crafted needlepoint designs of In Stitches. Running errands between business meetings? Get those copies done at Postal Annex while shooting down some espresso from the nearby Starbucks. Or perhaps you’re looking for a fun or romantic night out with a loved one? Fill up at Pizzicato Gourmet Pizza and then try to squeeze in a little dessert at Sweet Ambrosia Bakery. Each business in the Village Center is on a five-year lease, meaning you won’t lose your favorite hairstylist or barista soon after settling in to your new neighborhood. And the Forest Heights Village Center also offers several special events throughout the year, such as holiday celebrations and summer music concerts. The Village Center offers such a dizzying array of shops and events, it’s amazing Forest Heights residents ever make it back to their homes.

For those home owners in the process of or planning to raise a family, Forest Park Elementary School allows children to get a solid education in the comfort of their own community. Forest Heights is also conveniently located to a number of Portland’s best public schools, and the Forest Heights bus service makes sure students get to their classes safe and on time.

Portland is quickly becoming one of the Pacific Northwest’s premiere relocation destinations, and with communities such as Forest Heights it is easy to see why. The jaw-dropping landscape, convenient location, community involvement, education options and merchant center provide residents with virtually everything they might need. Small-town simplicity is combined with urban eccentricities into one fun, safe and attractive community. If you’re looking into relocating to the Pacific Northwest, make sure to consider Forest Heights; it may be the best Portland’s West Hills have to offer.

~Ben Anton, 2008