Palm Springs Museum

Palm Springs Museum

The charm and resort-style of living, blended with the tranquility and mysticism of its desert and mountain sceneries, Palm Springs has attracted a lot of international travelers, ranging from the young people, to seniors wanting to retire in this small desert paradise. The many activities and points of interest in Palm Springs have also gained popularity among a lot of tourists making the place’s tourism industry a top focus.

Among the many attractions that line Palm Springs, are the Palm Springs museums that puts forward a special side of the place’s history and a look back of its great contributions. When visiting Palm Springs, make sure you don’t fail to see the Palm Springs museums such as Palm Springs Desert Museum, Palm Springs Air Museum, Agua Caliente Cultural Museum, and Ruddy’s General Store Museum.

Palm Springs Desert Museum
This Palm Spring museum is located just off Palm Canyon Drive in the center of downtown Palm Springs. The museum is an impressive four-level structure occupying eighty-three-thousand-square-feet, representing an exceptional combination of natural history, Hollywood glitz, desert life, upscale retirement, presidential politics, and the fine and performing arts. The permanent exhibits of this Palm Springs museum includes 20th century art gallery, Western and Native American Art, Mesoamerican art, a William Holden collection, a George Montgomery collection, gallery of 19th century landscapes, and a miniature collection. It also features a graphic arts gallery, natural science gallery, and a gallery for special exhibits.

Palm Springs Air Museum
Situated on the North side of the Palm Springs Airport, this Palm Springs museum showcases something for the aircraft and pilots of World War II. The Palm Spring Air Museum has an imposing collection of educational and plane exhibits including twenty-six aircraft on display and airplanes on loan from the US Navy, the National Air and Space Museum, and private collections. Exhibits consist of original combat photography, ship and aircraft models, and other World War II memorabilia and artifacts. Additionally, the museum also presents a collections of antique automobiles from the 1920’s and 30’s.

Palm Springs Art Museum
This Palm Springs museum is the only major museum of the Coachella Valley, featuring art, natural science, and the performing arts exhibits. Located at the base of Mt. San Jacinto in downtown Palm Springs, the museum’s remarkable architecture blends with the desert surroundings, offering roomy galleries, sculpture gardens, 433-seating Annenberg Theater, and a lecture hall.

Aside from giving a walk through Palm Springs’ important timeline and history, there are many things to see and learn about in Palm Springs museums that puts together a more interesting and knowledge-full vacation experience.