One of the biggest challenges I face each year is finding a birthday present for Dad

One of the biggest challenges I face each year is finding a birthday present for Dad

Maybe we shouldn’t try to get gifts for fathers that they actually want. I went on a quest this year to find a birthday present for Dad that he doesn’t know that he wants but he will want it when he sees it. Sound confusing? Bear with me. It will all come together after you discover what I found.

There are a ton of great gift ideas for fathers that are cutting edge innovations that most dads have no idea even exist. Spending a little time on the Internet can help you find some a great birthday present for Dad that will leave him speechless. He may possibly ask what it is, too.

Following are my top picks for my birthday present for Dad. They range in style and price but I do think that I found the perfect gift in this bunch. These are just a few of the many options available for kids and adults who are looking for the perfect token for their dads.

My father is a coffee drinker so the first item that caught my eye was a Plug n’ Heat Coffee Mug. He loves coffee but he is always complaining that it seems to loose heat way too fast even in his favorite thermos. The Plug n’ Heat Coffee Mug plugs into your cigarette lighter in your vehicle and keeps the beverage at a nice, warm temperature no matter how cold it is outside.

This gift for fathers is great but I wanted something a little more unusual. I think that the massage socks are fantastic but the Sudoku toilet paper was really standing out. The socks are great but it wasn’t the perfect birthday gift for Dad. The Sudoku toilet paper would have been good for a laugh but not much more than that.

The winner of the perfect birthday present for Dad is the T-Qualizer. This innovative t-shirt works like an equalizer panel on a stereo. The great thing about the T-Qualizer is that it actually works with the sounds in the room.

I gave this birthday present for Dad with pride and I accompanied the package with a CD of his favorite music. His shirt bounced to the beat and he was delighted with the product. He didn’t even know how much he wanted it.