Nfl Products: A Collector’s Dream

Nfl Products: A Collector’s Dream

The variety of merchandise available for collectors of football memorabilia includes everything one can imagine. Much of it is well-made and very attractive. A paper poster will last for a short time on some boy’s wall but the wooden plaque polished to a gloss and displaying two popular NFL players is something that the ten year old boy could still be looking at when he is forty. On the right is Brett Favre’s picture with his number four showing on the jersey. The left side shows Reggie White. What a successful pair those two were on the field. While Brett is still playing – Reggie’s life ended way before his time at the age of 43. His number 92 is retired now and the value of his NFL merchandise has increased. There is an NFL football for sale online. It comes with a certificate of authenticity and Reggie’s autograph. Price is ,692.31.

It has become difficult to make certain an autograph is the autograph of the actual sports celebrity and not someone hired to copy the real thing. Even avid collectors who own shops and deal in sports merchandise can sometimes be fooled. Standing in a line and watching the sports figure sign your item while you watch is the only way to be 100% sure.

There are a wide variety of shirts. What fun to wear the number of your favorite player to the game. Reebok makes many of these t-shirts for summer. The thick sweatshirts with attached hood are as warm as some winter coats. They come with a standard logo usually the emblem on one side of the sweatshirt over the heart. Two jersey shirts identical to the ones Reggie Jackson wore on the field are selling for 9.00 and 4.95. These are newly made but identical copies of the original ones. I would guess these are going to increase in value. When such a popular public figure dies young, as Reggie did, everything related to that person becomes more valuable. This is especially true if the items are rare.

There is something for every NFL fan to collect whatever their budget. For .99 take home an action figure of Reggie. One collectible that can be inexpensive or astronomically overpriced is the sports card. Depending on the rarity of the card and the condition it can cost a small fortune. Kids seem to have a good time going through packs of these cards to see if they got one of the rare ones. The cards are sold in many stores such as Target. They come in single packs and larger ones packaged as gifts. There are also bobble heads and miniature footballs. They sell key chains with the team emblem on them. How about a tall glass mug for that cool beer while you watch the game. There must be at least one NFL coffee mug in every American household.

You will find some reference to the item being authentic and licensed to use the team logo on the packaging. An NFL football fan of any age can find something to wear or collect with an official emblem for the Dallas Cowboys, the Denver Broncos, the Minnesota Vikings or whichever team represents your city or state. As a loyal Green Bay Packers fan I hesitate to mention this BUT such wonderful merchandise is even available with the logo of “da Bears.”