Maine Camping At Bradbury Moutnain State Park

Maine Camping At Bradbury Moutnain State Park

Bradbury Mountain State Park is near Portland and is still quiet but at times there is sporadic road noise from ME 9. The park has a fragrant evergreen scent waffling through the forest. The park is open and airy character to the forest that lets the camp grounds have bright sunlight and breezes flow through.

Bradbury Mountain State Park has camp sites that are first come first serve and they also have camp sites you must make a reservation for. (1-800-332-1501/1-207-287-3824) The campground host site is on the right as you enter the park.

The campgrounds at the park all have a hard, sandy surface that holds on to tent stakes. Camping sites 6-7 are moderately spacious. These two sites plus site 15 have an old stone wall that goes through them and are open forest for light and a breeze. The three sites don’t have to much privacy because of the open forest but are good for a bigger family setting. Also 8-9 and 15-16 have the same lay out like one extremely large spot, these are good camp sites for a large group of people.

Bradbury Mountain State Park single camp sites differ in size and are mark as such on a map if you have bought one. The sites at the park are similar when it comes to privacy do to the open forest and light undergrowth.

Bradbury Mountain State Park is a year around site and the park has 41 camp sites with fire rings, picnic tables, with hiking trails, play area, softball field, and cross country skiing. The numbers to call for information on dates and fee’s and reservation are 1-800-332-1501 / 1-207-287-3824 also ask about pets and alcohol and any other concerns.

Even though the camp grounds sites seem to be exposed to one another you will still have plenty of room and medium privacy.

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