London Hotels Are Located Near More Than Two Dozen Museums

London Hotels Are Located Near More Than Two Dozen Museums

Your London hotel is near a famous museum. It’s almost guaranteed, because London is home to scores of famous museums in a city that is renowned for its history and museums here contain many of the world’s incredible artifacts. They’ve made amends and returned many priceless antiquities to their countries of origin, but London museums are still known the world over for their incredible collections and exhibits. So it is only natural that visitors want to stay close to the array of museums that dot the London landscape. With the help of the Internet, visitors can even coordinate their hotel choice with their museum choices.

Attractions range from Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum to the lofty British Museum, home of the famed Egyptian Hall and some amazing European sculptors. For a more personal glimpse into the past, a visitor could try the Florence Nightingale Museum, Freud Museum, Sherlock Holmes Museum, or Jack the Ripper Walk, which traces the killer’s deadly footsteps. The Victoria and Albert Museum is the jewel of the South Kensington area, which hosts a number of attractions and fine hotels. History buffs will treasure the National Army Museum, National Maritime Museum, and Natural History Museum.

If you like spooky old prisons, you’ve got the Clink Prison Museum, the Tower of London, and the London Dungeon to explore. The art connoisseur will certainly appreciate the Tate Britain Gallery, Tate Modern Gallery, Institute of Contemporary Arts, and the National Gallery. The Design Museum, Clockmaker’s Museum, London Toy and Model Museum, and Bramah Museum of Tea and Coffee cater to specialized tastes.

Whatever your preference, there’s a first-class London hotel within easy walking distance and numerous tube stations to get a visitor to more distant locations. New booking sites on the Internet allow you to search for a London hotel by neighborhood and proximity to various attractions. A helpful website offers maps, tube station locations, photos, and sightseeing tips to make the most of a trip to London without scouring guidebooks for information. Prices and rankings are important criteria, too, but there’s nothing like the convenience of choosing a hotel by location. Your lodging is important, because it becomes a sanctuary for dinner and respite after a long day of exploring the past. In fact, many London hotels are virtual museums all by themselves, offering a glimpse into Victorian and Elizabethan England.

Don’t stay too long in that lovely hotel room, because London nightlife beckons. Combine a trip to the West End theater district with a stop at the Theatre Museum near Covent Garden. The possibilities are endless, but your stay in London isn’t. So choose a London hotel that allows you to make the most of your time, and keep track of the places you don’t visit for your return trip.

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