Incubus Tickets – See A Musical Phenomenon Live

Incubus Tickets – See A Musical Phenomenon Live

Although Incubus tickets have been available in one form or fashion for more than 10 years, the band has really caught on in recent years, progressing to the point where they have gained worldwide acclaim and fame, and their legion of fans spans several decades. The band got off to a typically humble start, and a look at their development could help to provide a clue as to how they’ve become one of the biggest attractions in the world.


Three of the original band members, vocalist Brandon Boyd, drummer Jose Pasillas and guitarist Mike Enright, met in elementary school in California and grew up together enjoying the lifestyle that goes along with living on the West Coast. They grew up with a common love for music, and throughout childhood they started to get more and more into writing and performing their own music.

By the time the band got to high school, they had advanced to the point where they were starting to play at local parties, open mic sessions and even “pay-to-play” clubs in and around Calabasas, the city in which they were raised. Their first “break” came when they met a local record producer in 1993, and they cut their first record.

The album did not sell well, but it did gain enough notice that Incubus, named after a mythological demon, began to play in higher-profile clubs in the San Fernando Valley, and they built a loyal local following because of their tight sound and provocative lyrics. Incubus tickets became a hot item before they ever hit it big on the album charts.


After a few more relatively unsuccessful albums, the band got to work on what would become their first chart hit, Make Yourself, which climbed to number 41 on the album charts. This was the album that established the band as a “name” act, and from there their works became as popular as any on the market.

Since then, Incubus has released three subsequent albums, and all of them have gone either gold or platinum, and millions of copies have been sold. In conjunction with their commercial success has been their on-stage reputation, which has only grown in stature over time.

Incubus was known for their energetic live act almost since their inception, but increased exposure, funding and experience has allowed them to put together one of the most engaging concert performances in the world.

If you want to see a band that’s taken the world by storm, secure Incubus tickets for a night to remember.