How to Find the Best Shopping in Portland Oregon: Visit Craigslist

How to Find the Best Shopping in Portland Oregon: Visit Craigslist

If you’ve never been to Oregon, you should definitely plan to visit sometime in your life. Oregon is where tranquility and excitement meet to form an unforgettable vacation experience. It’s absolutely beautiful and the endless mountain and country views will take your breath away. Portland, Oregon, is also quite an experience all in itself. It’s known as the “city of roses” and home to the Trail Blazers basketball team. Needless to say, it also home to wonderful shopping.

While planning your trip to Portland, look into craigslist to find the best details on local shopping from actual residents. Craigslist Portland has its own discussion forum to talk about shopping, and here you will learn where the best shopping is, what time the stores open, and you can even get an idea on how much you could expect to spend at a certain store. Not only will you find information related to specific stores in the area, but craigslist Portland also provides information on collectibles and antiques. Although craigslist was originally developed for San Francisco, it has expanded into over 450 cities nationwide as well as international cities. It all began in 1995 and today it ranks as the eighth most popular website.

In the craigslist Portland shopping discussion forum, you will see discussions on a popular home décor store named Ikea. Ikea carries contemporary furniture and accessories, but it is known to be a bit more expensive than your typical home décor shops. Portland residents discuss their local Ikea store and talk about sales and specials you otherwise would not know about. Additionally, you can get advice and opinions on the latest home furnishings and styles you may be considering for your own home.

Another store that is widely discussed among users on craigslist Portland is CompUSA. Apparently, Portland shoppers at this store are required to consent to a bag search prior to entering the facility. One discussion states that it has become such a hassle to those who have shopped there many times before, and several customers have left CompUSA to shop at other local electronic stores such as Best Buy. Additionally, there are discussions on craigslist Portland that talk about where to find quality diamonds in the city. There are several local jewelry stores mentioned and it’s been advised to not purchase fine jewelry from department stores, such as Macy’s or Sears. Residents claim these stores carry diamonds that are not of good quality, explaining they are cloudy and dull. In addition to diamonds, residents discuss where to find souvenir jewelry, such as that made only at local stores found in Portland.

To find out more about where to find bargains in and around Portland, visit craigslist Portland today. It is a free website to use and you can engage in several helpful conversations about the city and where to go, what to do, and even discuss where the best places to stay are. Not only is it free, but you will find the site very easy to use. Planning a trip to Portland has never been easier!

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