Experience Paris Wine Tasting

Experience Paris Wine Tasting

Summary: Paris wine tasting is popular in Paris and even wine bars offer this kind of activity.

Paris, France is not only known for its magnificent monuments and museums but also they are known to be the foremost producer of the world’s best wines. In 1976, a wine merchant organized a prestigious wine tasting in Paris, which is now popular as Paris Wine tasting 1976 or Judgment of Paris.

The jury of nine tasters in that Paris wine competition included eight of France’s top wine tasting experts. Blind tasting was performed so that none of the judges knew the identity of what was being tasted. The comments and results of the tasting indicated that the judges could not distinguish California from French wines.

This was the start of the Paris wine tasting that is so popular nowadays. Almost all of the tours in Paris, wine tasting is included in their itinerary. Many Paris wine bars have schedules for their wine tasting activities. Some say Parisian or French are good spitters. If you are to taste wines, you should be able to know how to spit without chin dribbles.

If you dine in any of the restaurants, wine will always be served. For all we know Paris is also popular for its food and wine. Paris wine is considered as a normal part of the daily diet of Parisian, or French for that matter. There are a number wine bars that offer wine tasting like ô Chateau; they offer wine tasting at very affordable prices. Willi’s wine bar has 250 references on its wine list. Then, there is I’Ecluse, a famous and unique chain of wine bars. There are actually a lot of wine bars in Paris that you do not have to worry in finding any. Who knows you could be standing right in front of a wine bar. They open early and stay open the whole day. You can even have a meal in these bars.

If you like to shop and bring some wine when you go back home, may it be for yourself or as a present , there are many wine shops to choose from and you don’t have to go far to find a wine shops.

If you want to visit France, Paris wine tasting is one of the activities you should not miss. Paris wine tasting is very popular, and it is also a fun way of classifying what the different kinds of wine. As a wine lover myself, I think that Paris wine tasting is great and if I were given a chance to experience that, I will not have a second and will surely not miss that exciting event.