Easy to Prepare Coffee Drinks

Easy to Prepare Coffee Drinks

Coffee is one of the world’s most popular beverages and is also one of the most diverse. There are actually a lot of coffee drinks that differ in presentation, such as black coffee, white coffee, lattes, espressos, and many others. In addition, there are different coffee drinks that differ in terms of recipe and flavor that are perfect for different moods and different situations. If you think you have tried all kinds of coffee drinks, thing again. Because of its wide varieties, there are some names that you have never heard before.

Coffee shops are making more money in coffee industry due to many reasons. For one, more and more people prefer to have coffee than any other drinks. Since coffee drinks cover a lot of different choices, coffee lovers never get tired drinking one coffee drink to another. As a coffee lover myself, I never thought there’s much more about coffee than just the classics, which most people including me knew of.

I made some research about coffee drinks, and guess what? I was in awe to find out the many ways a coffee can be presented. To give you an idea what I am talking about, I’ll give some of the recipes of coffee drinks that interest me. At drinkalizer.com, you will find practically various coffee drinks that will leave you wondering how they taste. In fact, when I first saw them they don’t look like coffee drinks at all but some sort of drinks that you can only find in bars.

Drinklizer.com Coffee Drinks

After Eight Coffee

Ingredients: Equal amounts of cocoa, crËme de Menthe and Whiskey
Espresso or hot, strong coffee
Warm milk
Preparation: stir the cocoa with the mint liqueur and the whiskey. Put a spoon in the glass and add espresso and warm milk. If you prefer sweet taste, just add a little more sugar.

American Coffee

Ingredients: 40-60 ml bourbon
Brown sugar
Loosely shaken or whipped cream

Preparation: Build as an Irish Coffee in a coffee glass or wine glass.

CafÈ Parisienne

Ingredients: 2 oz. Grand Marnier Rouge
Hot coffee
Preparation: Pour Grand Marnier into a coffee glass or a wine glass with extra thick
walls. Fill up with coffee and top with loosely shaken cream. Sprinkle
with a freshly ground coffee on top.

Bailey’s Coffee

Ingredients: 40-60 ml Bailey’s
Hot coffee
Loosely whipped cream

Preparation: Build in a coffee glass or wine glass with extra think walls. Put a spoon in the glass and first add Bailey’s, followed by coffee, and last loosely whipped or shaken cream.

As you may have noticed, these coffee drinks are very easy to make and can be done at home. Actually, most of the coffee drink recipes that I’ve researched are easy to prepare, so don’t just limit your knowledge with the samples above. You can also expand your research about coffee drinks in ineedcoffee.com. Imagine, most coffee drinks that are sold in coffee shops which are highly priced, don’t take a lot of sweat to make. Just make your own coffee drink and you will save money; that I can assure you.

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