Classic Groomsmen Gifts Never Go Out Of Style

Classic Groomsmen Gifts Never Go Out Of Style

Your bride-to-be goes down her checklist with you one more time, and she says, “How are you doing on your groomsmen gifts?” Your usual response would be to stare at her blankly. But not today! Below you’ll find a wealth of classic choices from money clip watches to cigar humidors that will impress her with your taste and preparedness.

These classic items round out the accessories of men of all professions and ages, and they never go out of style.

For Wearing
Cufflinks: Every man has in reserve at least one special suit that requires the shirt with the cufflinks. A classy groomsmen gift, cufflinks show you know he’ll have more occasions than just your wedding to look his best.

Pocket watch: Who doesn’t love the heavy feel and precision movement of a pocket watch? Clicking open the face to check the time is just one of the coolness factors of these items. Add engraving to your gift to increase its savoir-faire.

For Holding
Money clip: A popular item, and no man should be without one. Money clips come in many ingenious styles, including money clip/wallet combos, money clips with watches, money clips with Swiss army knives. They can be silver, steel or leather. Individualize them with engraving.

Jewelry box: For a place to stash all the cufflinks and watches, a special box lined with velvet is just the thing. A masculine touch is to find a model encased in leather or metal.

Travel bag: A practical, classic gift, personalized travel bags straddle the zone between luxurious and pragmatic.

Briefcase: Celebrate the occasion with an embossed leather briefcase for your groomsman. The range of styles and colors will ensure that your gift is unique.

For Entertaining
Bar set: You can just hear the ice cubes tinkling with a classy set for the top of the bar. There are sets to match any décor, from traditional to modern and everything in between.

Poker set: You never know when an impromptu poker game will form. Help your groomsman be prepared with his own personalized poker set.

Cocktail shaker: When the order is “shaken, not stirred,” everyone reaches for a cocktail shaker. Models are available in silver or steel, and ready for engraving.

For Indulging
Tankards and mugs: A hefty tankard or mug is both a drinking companion and a beautiful decorative item. Pewter with engraving is especially classy, or choose a heavy glass mug with a special message or insignia.

Cigar humido: If he likes cigars, he’ll need something to protect his investment. Humidors come in many elegant styles, including wood or leather. Be sure to include a few cigars in the package.

Hip flask: For a little pocket refreshment, what man can resist an engraved flask? Engraved silver sets the standard, and some models even include storage for a stogie.

Lighters: Seems like every man should have an engraved silver lighter, preferably given by a good friend. This gift will go over well and be useful for years to come.

The classic never go out of style. Now, it’s just up to you and your bride-to-be to choose which one.