The Chinese Tea History

The Chinese Tea History Tea has long been part of the Chinese culture. For the Chinese, tea is one of the seven necessities to begin a day. Well, China is obviously the homeland of tea. According to some Chinese tea history resources, it was in the southwest part of the country that the tea was

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English Tea Pot

English Tea Pot I am sure that most of us are familiar with tea pots. Probably you have tried brewing teas on your antique tea pots or precious tea pots, and most of those have their own designs. However, when we talk about the English tea pot, we usually question the difference or the distinction

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Red Tea Kettle

Red Tea Kettle When talking about red tea, there are actually two varieties of tea that is meant by the term. You either mean black tea, which is a beverage made from fully oxidized leaves of the tea plant, Camellia sinensis, or the South African rooibos tisane. The Chinese and other Asian cultures call black

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Japanese Herbal Tea

Japanese Herbal Tea Have you heard something about Japanese herbal tea? Or, is there such a term as Japanese herbal tea? Well, let’s find out here. Japan is well-known as one of the tea centers in the world aside from China. In fact, they have their tradition widely known as the Japanese tea ceremony, which

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