Aspen Nightlife – Art Galleries

Aspen Nightlife – Art Galleries

Aspen is famous for more than skiing. There are
currently more than thirty art galleries in and around
the Aspen area, where art created by famous artists
around the world resides. Visiting the art galleries in
Aspen is a must, and no Aspen vacation will be
complete without this taste of culture.

Most of the art galleries are within walking distance
of each other, arranged in a three by four block area.
This area is located between Spring Street and
Monarch Street, and Hopkins Avenue and Durant

You will find everything from vintage poster art at the
Omnibus Gallery to Impressionism art at the Galerie
Du Bois. Visit the Highline Gallery for glass art and
the Pam Driscol Gallery for bronze sculpture art.
Contemporary collections can be found at the
Baldwin Gallery.

While some galleries are open after hours, many
close around 5pm. It is important to find out the
operating hours of the galleries that you want to visit
ahead of time. Many shows and events are planned
at the galleries for the evening hours as well.

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